Our Team

Lauren Barragan, BA Psychology 

Client and Clinician Experience Specialist

[email protected]

I am a skilled researcher, who is excited to bring to The Therapy Collective my analytical, communication and organizational skills to support and enrich the client and clinician experience. My role is to operationalize organization systems as well as streamline communication between clinicians and leadership.

My research experience in child development labs at both Wesleyan and Yale University as well as my specific interest in the integrative psychotherapy field helps our practice to better understand how healthy systems should operate and how we can integrate systemic changes to better the lives of both clients and clinicians. I bring to The Therapy Collective my understanding of team health, unconditional empathy, and open communication from my life experience as a psychology student, a woman of color, a daughter and a sister.  

I believe in and practice yogic and meditative arts as my awareness of mental health and nutrition wellness has attuned me to my own personal health struggles as well as the struggles of those dear to me. At The Therapy Collective I hope to familiarize myself and others with how all healthy systems are interconnected and be a voice that highlights and uplifts underrepresented groups. 

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wesleyan University 

The Therapy Collective is an IHI-approved LGBTQ+-affirming mental health services provider.


While we are currently virtual, our practice hopes to return to hybrid services, with in-office and virtual services in the near future. 

Mailing Address:

276 5th Avenue, Suite 704, New York, NY 10001