Our Team

Adam Stern, LCSW

Director of Business and Media Strategy, Psychotherapist

Our species is unique: we’re storytellers. Some write novels or films, others are great raconteurs. But we all create stories about our lives, filtered through the lens of experience. These stories affect how we relate to others and the choices we make. At the core of my practice is the intention to help you recognize the stories you tell yourself.

Through a collaborative process you’ll gain an understanding of why you create counter-productive or harmful narratives. Being able to identify these tendencies will enable you to change your perceptions of yourself and others and guide you to make more fulfilling choices.

If you’re feeling stuck, finding it difficult to engage fully with life, or overwhelmed by obstacles that seem difficult to overcome, I invite you to share openly and honestly in a safe, warm, compassionate environment. I will challenge you to see life from a new perspective, and together we’ll work to transform obstacles into opportunities. Our daily experiences trigger a wide range of emotions for us to feel, explore, and honor. The challenge is to keep ourselves from being hijacked by our emotions. I offer individualized tools and strategies that will move you toward healthier responses and engagement with the opportunities and challenges life presents.

Adam Stern, LMSW, holds a Master of Social Work from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service and a Bachelor from Hampshire College