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“Integrative refers to a way of understanding human life and health as connected to all parts of our experience in the world. And that change is cultivated through a safe, compassionate, and supportive therapeutic relationship, where we honor the capacity for self-empowerment, self-care, and self-advocacy.”   

-Paul Lichtenberg, Ph.D Founding Director

We believe in the transformative power of community and relationship

We have set out to create a unique community beyond private practice. Our team of practitioners are trained and licensed in traditional methods of psychotherapy, enriched by integrative thinking and approaches to healing. We understand that our relationships and connection as a team and community will be significantly reflected in our work with clients. 

We foster collective action, the purpose of which is to move towards meaningful and purposeful connection. Learn more about our collective actions here.

We commit to nurturing our collective safe and open spaces that invite connection and accountability to the Whole. Learn more about our collective spaces here.


Opportunities to Join the Clinical Team:


Psychotherapist (remote)

Per Diem

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2nd Year Social Work Interns

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