Our Team

Chris Tyler, LMSW


When moving through life’s difficult times, it can be hard to remember our innate goodness, let alone act from that place to meet the challenges of living in a complex world. My work is to help you reach your grounded center by reconnecting mind and body. When we untangle the knots that hold us back, we rediscover our deepest and brightest truth. We can see new possibilities, where before there were few.

Clients come to me with a variety of concerns – relationship issues, grief, anxiety, depression, significant life transitions, career changes, and the real stress of living in such uncertain times. Together, we can unpack these to discover the wisdom and strength that you already possess. By applying mindfulness to psychotherapy, I can help you dissolve old habits and find ways to live your life with more ease, connection, and awareness.

Before starting my journey as a therapist, I was a carpenter for nearly 20 years in California, Ontario, and the Catskills, while also leading life-planning workshops, living in a Zen monastery, planting trees, and bicycle touring. I first started therapy as a client in Gestalt workshops 12 years ago, where I discovered that we can transform old patterns through bringing conscious attention to the here and now.

Therapy does not have to be hard work; it simply takes heartfelt engagement. With an eclectic and playful style, I bring all my skills into session to help you develop a more loving and dynamic relationship with yourself and the world.