Our Team

Jesse Berkowitz, LMSW


In my eyes, one of the most powerful aspects of therapy is the relationship that forms between the therapist and the client. The process of establishing a safe and supportive partnership makes room for us to collaborate on rewarding emotional work. My goal is to help you feel seen, heard, and supported along your journey of self-discovery, and to help you find resilience, authenticity, healing, and self-love. 

My approach begins with warmth and having an open-mind. I am here to help guide you towards the goals that you set for yourself, and I do so by drawing on experiential, relational, narrative, cognitive behavioral, and psychodynamic approaches to address issues like anxiety, depression, relationship/family problems, identity issues, or the struggle to find a sense of purpose. 

I gladly work with all walks of life, and I am particularly passionate about working with the LGBTQIA+ community. From coming out, to dating, to healing sexuality/gender-based trauma, to exploring polyamory and ethical non-monogamy – I am here to support you. 

Antiracism, inclusivity, and LGBTQIA+ competency are central to my work. Whoever you are, please feel free to reach out to me so that we can see if it’s a good fit. 

Jesse, LMSW, holds a Master of Social Work from Hunter College, a Master of Arts in Migration Studies from Tel Aviv University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from The College of Wooster.