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Jessica Reuveni, LCSW


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Fear can be so haunting and debilitating. And sometimes we can really be ruled by the deep and ugly fear that someone, somewhere, will figure us out and share with the world how flawed, insidious, or awful parts of us truly are. The truth of the matter is, we are all scared. And we are all complex people who are all made up of millions of parts. Some beautiful, some weird, some deeply anxious and some tumultuous and defensive. My hope in our work together is to meet those parts, create some space to really get to know them, and give them some permission to get messy so that ultimately, they can heal.
                                                                                                                              If we can compassionately identify and understand those parts of you, we can better understand and soothe the unhelpful or defensive patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck, unsafe, or isolated. We will be able to use that awareness to help find new, and often clearer ways, of communicating your wants, needs, and unresolved pain.

You deserve comfort, you deserve care, and you deserve a life full of authenticity and love. Let’s support you in cultivating that. My personal specialties are trauma, relationship issues, addiction and recovery, as well as depression and general anxiety. My style is influenced and motivated by harm reduction, relational psychotherapy, art and parts work.

                                                                                                                        Jessica Reuveni, LCSW holds a Master of Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Syracuse University

The Therapy Collective is an IHI-approved LGBTQ+-affirming mental health services provider.


While we are currently virtual, our practice hopes to return to hybrid services, with in-office and virtual services in the near future. 

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