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Kalman Honig, LMSW


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In order to flourish, every relationship requires a foundation of respect. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is no different. I respect all the aspects that make up a client’s character-their strengths, perceived weakness, desire to change, and even their desire not to change.

I approach the process of therapy as highly collaborative. Working together, I will help you empower yourself to move through and resolve anxiety, depression, trauma, and interpersonal challenges from a secure, grounded, and confident place. By approaching your difficulties with a curious and compassionate lens, you will have clarity and a deeper understanding of self that will alleviate your burdens, and let you live, play, and love more freely.

Through training, study, and experience, my approach is informed by a blend of mindfulness and somatic experiencing practices to help clients ground amidst unsettling experiences and process difficult emotions; utilizing Internal Family Systems (IFS) to achieve internal balance and healing traumatic wounds; and a psychodynamic and relational approach to achieve insight into and resolve interpersonal issues.

Knowing that growth is simultaneously desired and at times quite difficult, I will ensure that we work at a pace that both ensures progress, as well as respects your threshold for change.

Let’s work together to help you gain the internal balance, trust, confidence, and love of self, which you deserve.

The Therapy Collective is an IHI-approved LGBTQ+-affirming mental health services provider.


While we are currently virtual, our practice hopes to return to hybrid services, with in-office and virtual services in the near future. 

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276 5th Avenue, Suite 704, New York, NY 10001