Our Team

Paul Lichtenberg, PhD

Founder | Director Clinical Psychologist

For almost 30 years as a clinical psychologist in private practice, my work with patients has been informed by an integrative relational perspective that is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and psychology, psychoanalytic clinical theory and practice, and further inspired by trauma- and contemplative-based bodymind clinical practices, and nutritional psychology.

These combined represent the deepest strata of an integrative relational health model.

I have always striven to understand human functioning and human consciousness, “human” which is but one expression of Consciousness Itself.

My understanding is that the connection between the individual, the world of individuals, culture, and the biosphere is part of every therapeutic engagement.

This is holistic philosophy translated into all integrative relational practices.

Relational health is at the core of human potential. Self-awareness is the first step towards realizing one’s sacred role towards that goal. This was my inspiration in forming ‘The Therapy Collective.’